4 Tips for a Pain-Free Life: Staying Ahead of Sedentary Behaviors

By Luna
4 Tips for a Pain-Free Life: Staying Ahead of Sedentary Behaviors

We live in a world where desk jobs and digital entertainment anchor us to our seats. Although technology has advanced through the lens of comfort and inactivity, our bodies weren’t meant for a sedentary lifestyle. There is a concerning correlation between it and the prevalence of chronic pain symptoms that underscores the need for maintaining an active lifestyle. 

Chronic pain can be frustrating—it affects around 20% of adults in the United States and is one of the most common reasons for seeking medical care. However, physical therapy provides a valuable option to alleviate the discomfort!

Let’s take a look at how physical therapy can help and why you should rethink sedentary behaviors.

Rethinking a Sedentary Lifestyle

Rethinking a life devoid of purposeful movement is essential for maintaining our physical and mental health. A sedentary lifestyle, characterized by minimal physical activity, can lead to significant health issues, including musculoskeletal imbalances and weakness. This imbalance, stemming from sedentary habits, not only contributes to poor posture but also places undue stress on the spine and joints, creating a fertile ground for chronic pain.

If you're experiencing persistent pain, it's important to consider your lifestyle as a potential contributing factor. Often overlooked, sedentary behaviors could be the root cause of your discomfort.

Assessing Habits to Address Sedentary Behaviors

To begin addressing this issue, here's how you can assess your habits and acknowledge the potential impact of sedentary behaviors:

  1. Evaluate Your Daily Routine. Keep track of how much time you are sitting or lying down. You may spend extended hours in front of the computer, sitting at work, commuting, or during leisure activities.Evaluate Your Daily Routine.-2
  2. Assess Your Pain and Posture. Have you been experiencing a constant sense of fatigue, backaches, or joint pain? Pay attention to the signals your body is giving you and notice if your pain intensifies after long periods of sitting or if you have chronic issues in areas typically affected by poor posture.Assess Your Pain and Posture.-2
  3. Consult a Physical Therapist. A physical therapist can show you simple, personalized exercises to improve mobility, strength, and balance, offering guidance on slowly introducing more physical activity into your daily life.Experiment with Movement.-2
  4. Experiment with Movement. Introduce more movement into your day and take note of any changes in your pain. Simple actions like standing for a few minutes every hour or taking short walks can make a big difference.Experiment with Movement.-3

Risks of Living a Sedentary Life

It’s important to understand that there are certain health risks to living a sedentary life, that include:

Sedentary Graphic-2

Preventative Role of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can ease your chronic pain, but it can also serve as a preventative measure to keep your body happy, healthy, and pain-free. By engaging in regular physical therapy sessions, you're not only addressing existing pain but also safeguarding against the risks associated with sedentary behaviors.

Luna offers a highly personalized and accessible solution to chronic pain. We strive to help patients get better faster with the ease and convenience of having your therapist come to you. With Luna’s personal and accessible approach to in-home physical therapy for chronic pain, you won’t have to worry about commuting to your appointment and aggravating symptoms while waiting in a clinic. Your Luna PT works around your schedule and will treat you in the comfort of your own home, with better one-on-one care that leaves you feeling confident and ready to continue your course of care. 

Concentrate on what matters—your health and healing. 

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