7 Physical Therapy Job Factors You Need to Consider

By Luna
7 Physical Therapy Job Factors You Need to Consider

As a physical therapist, your job is fully centered around helping others. But often, we find that PTs feel burnout and exhaustion from their career path. Whether that may be from stress over student debt, the extra hours (and weekends) spent on paperwork, the rushed feeling you get working in a clinic, and nearly no life outside of work because work is your life.

As a medical professional, you should not only be focused on your patients’ health, but also living your own healthy lifestyle and not neglecting your personal wellbeing. How can you expect your patients to follow their course of care if you don’t practice what you preach?

Job factors for a happier, healthier PT career

What if you could become more invested in your work, and in every patient interaction, you have the opportunity to be more engaged and focus on quality care? With Luna, you can achieve a stable and healthy work-life balance.

Luna prioritizes what’s most important to our therapists, and we found that the following are seven of the most important job factors for physical therapists to consider:

  • Income Stability

Financial stability naturally helps to receive stress and promotes mental stability. Without a stable income, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the pressure of providing for your family and making ends meet. Work as much or as little with Luna to either supplement your clinic-based income or fully replace it altogether, working around your schedule.

  • Salary and Earning Potential

Working for yourself has its perks. Luna handles all of the billing, booking, and patient marketing while you handle what you love most: caring for the patients (while exceeding your salary goals). We are focused on helping PTs grow their practice, enhance their income, and gain more access to patients in need.

  • Company Culture

Company culture has been found to be closely related to worker happiness. It’s important to work with a company that shares your same views, values, and goals.

  • Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance studies reveal 84% of all independent contractors are happy with their lifestyle. Luna can help you achieve a healthy balance between work and home life with more freedom, autonomy, and flexibility. Not dedicating enough of your time to your personal life can lead to emotional stress, lower productivity, and poor morale —and none of that is good for your patients.

  • Specialty and Area of Practice

When you work with Luna, your specialty becomes ours. We connect you with patients that you want to work with that are specific to your area of practice. You only work with the cases you want, when you want.

  • Schedule Flexibility

As an independent contractor, more flexibility in your schedule means you have more freedom to do the things that matter most. With Luna, you can set your schedule on a weekly basis, working as much or as little as you need and freeing up time for family and future plans.

Designing your dream job with Luna

The flexibility to work when you want, where you want, and with the patients you want will allow you to build a dynamic career. By choosing to work as an on-demand physical therapist with Luna, we can make your dream PT job a reality.