7 Ways Luna is Disrupting the Physical Therapy Industry for PTs

By Luna
7 Ways Luna is Disrupting the Physical Therapy Industry for PTs

At Luna, we aren’t okay with the status quo. We believe in the power of physical therapy and know that in order to bring world-class physical therapy services to the people who need it, we need to make the physical therapy profession work for PTs. That means reimagining every aspect of the physical therapy experience and how it gets delivered. 

Here are seven ways Luna is radically changing the physical therapy industry to bring passion back to the therapists doing this important work.  

  1. We made PT paperwork a thing of the past. 

If you’re like most PTs we talk to, you became a physical therapist to help others, not to spend your time buried under mountains of paperwork.  Luna Auto-Charting® is an industry-first enabling PTs to create precise, actionable charts via voice command on their phones. With traditional based EMR software, PTs spend about 26.8 minutes on documentation per evaluation. With Luna, that same evaluation takes around 7-8 minutes, and a standard visit note takes 3-4 minutes - and both can be completed in your car in between appointments.

Fun fact: If you added up all the time we saved our PTs via AutoCharting this last quarter alone, you’d have enough time to fly to Mars and back. Luckily, Luna PTs don’t have to drive that far (we keep drive times for each appointment under 30 minutes). 

  1. We’re making PT work more inclusive. 

Luna exists to empower the physical therapist community to support and care for their patients while providing those care providers with the flexibility and earning potential to live their best lives. We’re breaking down barriers, making it easier for PTs in all walks of life to engage in the work they love. Whether you’re a parent who wants to come back to work but needs flexibility, or a professor who wants to dip back into patient care, or even if you are already a business owner that needs more work, Luna is here to serve you. 

  1. We empower therapists to make money, on their schedule.

There are lots of different ways to make money as a physical therapist. But Luna is the first to give PTs the opportunity to make a living on their schedule. When we look back at this time in a few decades, we’ll be shocked to remember the times we worked in a facility Monday through Friday from 9-5. Luna is taking that first step towards the future. Want to go to Thailand for a vacation? Go for it. Want to take every Friday off? Be our guest. 

  1. We give therapists true freedom and autonomy.

The freedom and flexibility Luna brings to physical therapists go beyond choosing their schedules and never having to work on holidays or weekends. We are offering PTs an entirely new lifestyle—one where they are autonomous entrepreneurs and running their own businesses. With Luna, you are the boss. The best part? We streamline the entire entrepreneurial process and eliminate all of the risks. 

  1. We help PTs step into the future of care delivery.

In the future, going into a traditional PT facility might feel like entering a BlockBuster store. Remember those? Research shows that 87% of all outpatient cases can be shifted to the on-demand model. With Luna, PTs have the opportunity to deliver quality care to patients in the comfort of their own homes. 

  1. We’re bringing passion back to the profession. 

Many of today’s physical therapists are overworked, burnt out, and disenchanted. Luna is on a mission to get PTs back to doing what they love—patient care—and help them restore their sense of passion for this work. We do this by questioning old paradigms, removing barriers, and giving PTs their time back with integrative technology. Rather than rushing through patient sessions at a high-volume clinic, Luna gives PTs 45-55 minutes of one-on-one time for each patient appointment. 

  1. We reward PTs for their hard work. 

With Luna, PTs get great bonuses and incentives without sacrificing all their weekends, weeknights, or well-being. Aside from the competitive rates we pay PTs for every patient visit, there are so many additional opportunities to be rewarded for hard work. Learn more about how Luna maximizes PT earning potential here.  

Fun fact: Many of the highest paid PTs in the country work with Luna. Read how one of them does it right here.

Luna was created for therapists by therapists who understand that the profession is in need of transformation. If you’re interested in learning more about how Luna is paving the way for a paradigm shift in PT, reach out to the Luna team today. Let’s re-imagine physical therapy together.