Celebrities in the Spotlight: How Physical Therapy Led to Healing

By Luna
Celebrities in the Spotlight: How Physical Therapy Led to Healing

We love shining a spotlight on the glitz and glam of the high-profile celebrity world or uncovering the next big Hollywood scandal, making it easy to forget that A-list stars face challenges similar to our own. The thrill of media coverage and paparazzi creates an aura of fame that seems unattainable—which is why their mundane, everyday moments still catch our attention.

The stories of beloved figures like Jane Fonda, Harrison Ford, Mick Jagger, Julie Andrews, and Tina Turner using physical therapy to maintain their health humanize them and offer motivation for anyone working to improve their health.

Get inspired by their stories, and see how they have relied on the support and expertise of physical therapists for healing:

Jane Fonda

1. Jane Fonda

Film icon, activist, and fitness maven Jane Fonda has been an advocate for staying active through exercise and healthy habits, well into the later years of her life. Now in her 80s, she doesn’t let the loss of joint mobility or stiffness slow her down.

Over the years, she has battled multiple forms of cancer and although she was well-known for her fitness videos and active lifestyle, she was inevitably diagnosed with osteoporosis, which led to her knee replacement surgery and two hip replacements. She, however, has always been optimistic about aging and overcoming these physical limitations, heavily relying on physical therapy during her recovery.

Harrison Ford

2. Harrison Ford

The action star, known for his iconic roles in the “Indiana Jones” and “Star Wars” franchises, relied on fitness that offers joint-friendly exercises, engaging the core and improving cardiovascular health. These things help maintain that movie star magic in Harrison Ford’s more demanding roles—which has become even more important as he ages.

As his roles are often action-packed and fast-paced, Ford suffered several injuries throughout his career, including a torn ACL, a spinal injury, and a broken leg from a more recent incident in 2015 on the set of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” He turned to regular physical therapy treatments and rehabilitation during his recovery.

Mick Jagger

3. Mick Jagger

For Mick Jagger, the Rolling Stones frontman, undergoing a heart valve replacement surgery could have ended his time on stage. However, because of the advances in medical technology, a noninvasive surgical procedure was possible. That, combined with diligent physical therapy treatments led to a speedy, full recovery and Jagger was able to return to the stage with the same energy and vitality that have defined his career.

Julie Andrews

4. Julie Andrews

The esteemed actress, singer, and author had a big setback in 1997 that affected her beautiful singing voice. Julie Andrews experienced issues with her vocal cords two years leading up to her surgery, which was a simple procedure to remove a benign legion in her throat. It, however, led to severe scarring, and the resulting damage caused her to permanently lose her iconic, four-octave singing voice.

Despite this devastating loss, she did everything in her power to heal and continue expressing her artistry. Given the severity of the condition, her rehabilitation included various specialized forms of physical therapy, targeted to address the challenges of damaged vocal cords and loss of range.

Her resilience is an inspiration, and through her continued contributions to film and literature, Julie Andrews’s legacy will always be remembered.

Tina Turner

5. Tina Turner

Back in 2013, Tina Turner — our Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll — felt the panic and numbing sensation of a stroke. Rather than being consumed by fear and frustration, she turned to physical therapy as a tool for recovery, but it wasn't an easy process. She struggled with the rehabilitation, a humbling revelation, and though it took time, her journey shares the importance of physical therapy in regaining your physical strength as well as a sense of autonomy and hope for the future.

Even as we mourn the loss of this beloved music legend (from other long-standing conditions), her legacy is not just in her music but her remarkable strength, encouraging us all to continue pressing on, embracing healthy habits, and seeking the help we need to thrive.

Physical therapy is not just a path to recovery; it's a means to reclaim your life and continue pursuing your passions, just as these celebrities have all done. If you’re ready to take the next step in improving your health, find a Luna Therapist near you!

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