Hello, Michigan! Luna On-Demand Physical Therapy is Serving the Detroit Area

Exciting news for our friends in Detroit. Luna is now available to help you recover!
By Luna
Hello, Michigan! Luna On-Demand Physical Therapy is Serving the Detroit Area

What is Luna?

Luna is an on-demand, physical therapy service. We are re-imagining the patient and physical therapist experience by providing state-of-the-art, on-demand care to patients in need. Our platform makes it easy to schedule an appointment, get matched with an exceptional physical therapist, and receive care on your schedule in your home, gym, or office.

Why Detroit, You Ask? 

After successfully serving the Bay Area since the summer of 2018 and more recently other West Coast regions—Los Angeles, Orange County, and Seattle—we’re excited to spread physical therapy innovation to the rest of the country! We recently opened for business in Chicago and Phoenix, and now we’re expanding to Detroit

From kayaking to ice sailing, we admire the fact that Motown residents love to be on the move. We’re here to help the citizens of Detroit recover, get well, and continue to live life to the fullest. And with traffic being a major concern for Detroit residents, we are thrilled to offer a more convenient way to access quality care.

Here are just a few fun facts about Detroit that drew us to the area: 

Why Luna?

“There’s been A LOT of interest from physical therapists in the Detroit area,” says Luna Head of Therapist Network Development, Khanh Pham. “They’ve shared valuable feedback for us to incorporate and are excited to join something as innovative as Luna. They’re happy to be setting their own schedule and treating a diverse patient population.”

Physical therapists love Luna because it gives them the chance to own their career. As a Luna PT, you’ll:

  • Work when you want. You set your own schedule, and Luna handles the booking, billing, and patient marketing.
  • Treat engaged patients. This is not traditional home health. You get to work with patients who are motivated, ambulatory, and who have outpatient needs.
  • See the clinical impact. You spend 45-55 minutes of each appointment with your patient, and see them for their entire course of care.

What’s more, Luna is in-network with major insurance providers such as Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Cigna, Medicare, United Healthcare, and more.

Whether you’re a patient looking to receive physical therapy treatment in your home, a physical therapist ready to own your career, or a physician looking for better physical therapy access and treatment for your patients, Luna is here in the Motor City. Now that we’re open for business in the Detroit area, the question is where will we go next?

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