Hello, Seattle!

By Ben Wobker, PT, MSPT, CSCS, SFMAc
Hello, Seattle!

As a native from the Pacific Northwest, I am excited to be overseeing Luna’s expansion north on Interstate 5 into Washington. 

Calling All Physical Therapists

We are looking for physical therapists that are beginning to entertain the idea of working for themselves, whether the draw be the flexibility, autonomy, or simply extra income. Over the past 18 months I have watched the Luna technology platform grow from an intriguing idea of delivering dedicated one on one outpatient physical therapy to clients - to a thriving business model in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Orange County. As a busy PT practice owner in Kirkland what convinced me to join the team? Simple, Luna’s executive team’s vision and execution as they disrupt the traditional PT model and help grow our profession. As a technology enthusiast, this is the first time I had seen Silicon Valley interested in growing physical therapy. 


For My Physician Friends & Colleagues

When it comes to referring patients for physical therapy, physicians want convenient options, quality care they can trust. Several of the  obstacles patients face are a lengthy clinic waitlist, and the high volume of clients means shorter appointments. They’re less successful completing their course of care, which means less-than-optimal outcomes. 

In the past year, thousands of physicians in California have discovered an alternative for their patients—Luna on-demand physical therapy. Here’s why:

1. Faster Access to Care

Patients can receive care within 48 hours of referral

2. Greater Adherence to a Treatment Plan

Luna’s on-demand physical therapy helps patients avoid traffic, babysitters, waitlists, Uber rides, and time away from work

3. Convenient Support & Communication

Luna’s Concierge Service makes it easy for patients to book an appointment online, through the Luna app, or by phone. 

4. More Focused Time with Experienced Physical Therapists

In a clinic, patients are sometimes receiving as little as 15 minutes of dedicated time with their PT. Luna’s on-demand physical therapy sessions are scheduled 45 minutes, One-on-One. In addition your patient will work with the same therapist for each appointment. 

5. Covered by Insurance

The cost of physical therapy can be a significant barrier to care. Our on-demand physical therapy is covered by commercial insurance, and your patient will pay the same that they would pay to visit a clinic—not a penny more. 

6. Bundled Care

Our team of licensed therapists will help physicians achieve their goals for patients post operatively by being at their home as soon as 48 hours to deliver early intervention, prevent set-backs, and readmissions. Luna PTs will communicate quickly with physician offices if anything appears to require attention.

We cannot wait to begin game changing on-demand physical therapy in the PNW. Luna begins booking in early November to Seattle and surrounding areas. Therapists will deliver the first visits November 15th.





Benjamin Wobker, PT, MSPT, CSCS, SFMAc
Luna Care North West