How Luna is Helping Health Systems Innovate Patient Engagement

By Luna
How Luna is Helping Health Systems Innovate Patient Engagement

The relationship between patients and the health systems that serve them is changing. In an industry known for slow digital adoption, this change is in many ways long overdue. With COVID-19 serving as a wake-up call, more health systems are innovating the way they engage patients via technology and new models of care.

Now, health systems are faced with a choice—revert back to business as usual or continue to innovate and reimagine the way patients receive and consume care. Here are three ways health systems can engage patients more effectively and, ultimately, improve the entire patient experience with Luna. 

Deliver care where and when patients want it

Now more than ever, consumers are demanding more convenient forms of care. In fact, 80% of patients are choosing their care strictly by how convenient it is to access services. COVID-19 closed the doors of many healthcare facilities, furthering the already growing momentum to consider pursuing alternatives to traditional outpatient care. This shock to the system has set new standards for engagement and encourages more health systems to adopt hybrid care models moving forward. 

How Luna helps: Patients expect convenient, high-quality care from their healthcare providers. Luna partners with top health systems to provide at-home physical therapy on-demand without investing in new facilities. See how Luna is helping a world-class health system bring outpatient physical therapy services to patients in the comfort of their homes.

Empower patients with digital tools

Whether it’s searching for the right providers, booking appointments, accessing care history, or managing accounts, healthcare patients expect their care providers to utilize technology throughout the continuum of care. The right digital tools can help health systems stay connected with patients and keep them engaged. 55% of healthcare consumers claim that a trusted healthcare professional could motivate them to adopt patient engagement technologies to help them play a more active role in their own health. This represents a major opportunity for health systems looking to engage patients and improve outcomes. 

How Luna helps: Luna’s best-in-class technology makes it easy for patients to stay engaged throughout their entire course of care. (There’s a reason why 40% of patients using Luna stay engaged for ten or more visits—that’s a 50% higher adherence rate than in-clinic physical therapy!) Patients are optimally matched with a therapist and stay engaged between visits with in-app exercise. Luna’s Concierge team makes it easy to schedule visits, communicate with their care team, and use insurance to pay for services.

Track patient feedback for high-quality care

Higher quality care leads to better patient outcomes. Gathering feedback is a prime opportunity to track for quality and keep patients engaged throughout their course of care. It’s also an incredible way to optimize the entire patient experience, providing your team with powerful ways to ensure the best possible outcomes. Patients who feel heard are more likely to commit to their care, and health systems can utilize this valuable patient data to continuously enhance the experience they provide. 

How Luna helps: Luna makes it easy for health systems to utilize technology to monitor quality of care. Patients are encouraged to rate their experiences after every visit and provide detailed feedback through Luna’s award-winning app. From there, therapists, clinical teams, and technology/product teams are alerted to take action where needed.

Luna is empowering health systems to reimagine the physical therapy experience all while reducing costs, optimizing revenue, and ensuring the highest quality of care. If you’re looking for an experienced partner to help you deliver on-demand, at-home physical therapy, contact Luna today by calling 833-444-LUNA. Or learn more about how we’re helping health systems step into the future.