How On-Demand Physical Therapy Benefits Special Needs Kids

By Luna
How On-Demand Physical Therapy Benefits Special Needs Kids

We recently read an interesting article by Richard Engel, NBC News' chief foreign correspondent - but it wasn't about foreign affairs. It was about his five-year-old son, Henry, who has special needs. Because of his disorder, known as Rett syndrome, Henry doesn't walk, talk, or sit up straight. Engel pointed out how on-demand physical therapy helps Henry better deal with the effects of his neurological disorder. Receiving treatment at home (his natural environment) has worked out well for Henry and his family, especially since the pandemic has temporarily shelved many of his other activities. 

COVID-19 and PT for children with special needs

With COVID-19 quarantines, families are often instructed to stay home as much as possible. Understandably, parents of children with special needs are even more cautious and typically delay care due to the pandemic. In fact, Henry used to engage in multiple therapies outside his house, including equine therapy and hydrotherapy. All have temporarily closed due to the coronavirus. Richard Engel and his wife have found on-demand physical therapy to be an excellent alternative, especially during the pandemic. They've expanded their "safety bubble" to include their physical therapist - someone they've grown to know and trust. Their physical therapist comes to their home and safely provides the proper exercises and movements needed to help improve Henry's well-being. 

On-demand PT benefits children with various disorders

Just like Henry's physical therapist, Luna's on-demand PTs work with patients and families to improve the lives of children with special needs. Physicians often recommend physical therapy for children diagnosed with various conditions, such as:

Each child is medically evaluated and assigned a personalized plan of care to ensure that all developmental needs are met or exceeded.

How on-demand PT benefits kids with special needs

Luna physical therapists work with special needs children to improve several developmental areas, including:

Early intervention by a physical therapist helps kids with special needs to better develop to their maximum potential. For some, physical therapy maximizes independence by teaching kids how to care for themselves and more effectively perform day-to-day physical tasks.

Luna physical therapy is the best option for special needs kids

Physical therapy is an optimal front-line treatment for special needs children. Luna therapists offer the best in strength training, coordination exercises, joint and tissue mobilization, functional balance training, and more. These therapies improve children's physical function and keep them as active and healthy as possible. For some, physical therapy helps kids learn how to perform everyday tasks and other important skills like speech, communication, and play. What's more, continued physical therapy helps prevent secondary conditions from developing while improving pain management and maintaining strength as kids grow.

With Luna, special needs children receive treatment in the most natural environment of all – their home. On-demand physical therapy is a faster, safer, and easier way for kids to receive the specialized care they need, especially during a pandemic. It’s physical therapy, delivered. Ready to give it a try? You'll be glad you did. Get in touch today.

Note that Luna currently serves minors in the 13-17 age group. We look forward to expanding our coverage in the future.