Amid Coronavirus Concerns, On-Demand Physical Therapy Delivers Care to Your Door

Get help and healing in the comfort of your home
By Luna
Amid Coronavirus Concerns, On-Demand Physical Therapy Delivers Care to Your Door

The coronavirus is on everyone’s minds—and for good reason. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports, a new coronavirus has caused an outbreak of a respiratory disease known as COVID-19. Newsfeeds are ablaze with the latest statistics and stories about containment zones, travel restrictions, and disruptions to the economy. And on March 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) “characterized” COVID-19 as a pandemic.

As healthcare providers, we at Luna are especially aware of patient concerns about the coronavirus. One impact of such fear is avoiding public spaces, such as a clinic or doctor’s office. At physical therapy clinics across the nation, patients are canceling their appointments. This hurts the clinic’s business, and more importantly, prevents patients from receiving essential healthcare services when they need it.

On-Demand Physical Therapy: A Healthy Alternative for Clinics and Patients

It’s unclear how severe the coronavirus outbreak will get. The best way to respond to such uncertainty is to have an emergency preparedness plan. For physical therapy clinics, that means ensuring care needs are met despite disruptions to the business. Two important components for such a plan might be telemedicine and on-demand physical therapy

With on-demand physical therapy from Luna, patients can:

  1. Receive quality care in the privacy and safety of their own home. “I’m glad I made the switch [to Luna] because of the fact that the therapist comes to me instead of driving to the PT clinic, traffic, then find parking and wait in line to check-in, etc.,” says G.S., a Luna patient in Menifee, Calif.
  2. Get more one-on-one time with a board-certified physical therapist. “I could tell right away how dedicated [the PT] was to MY goal,” says Chris W. a Luna patient in Los Angeles. “In the past, with other companies, it seemed like a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to the care, which really isn’t care. Anyone can read and follow instructions. What is the most crucial part of recovery is the ‘hands-on’ from a well trained, educated, accredited physical therapist.”
  3. Enjoy Concierge-level service. “I absolutely love the convenience—evening and weekend appointments available, they come to your place, they deal with insurance,” says Yulia K. a Luna patient in San Jose, Calif. “I will definitely recommend Luna to friends and family!”

Additionally, Luna ensures:

  1. Luna therapists are trained on using proper cleaning techniques and disinfectants
  2. Patients are not scheduled for an appointment if they are experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms
  3. Luna therapists who report cold or flu like symptoms are not scheduled to treat patients

Get Help and Healing Right at Your Door

As Julie McMurry, MPH referenced in her recent COVID-19 article, “Hospitals are hot spots for transmission; get your vaccinations at a pharmacy rather than at the doctor. Find ways to do your physical therapy at home if possible.”

Whether you have osteoarthritis, a torn ACL, lower back pain, or any other condition, Luna provides physician-referred, patient-centered on-demand physical therapy to help you heal faster and better.

“Luna is the future of physical therapy,” says Dr. Earl Brien, co-director of orthopedic oncology at Cedars-Sinai. “Convenience and access are just the beginning of what Luna offers. Because of their attention to extraordinary care, clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction are at the heart of Luna’s benefits.”

Don’t let fear keep you from receiving the care you deserve. Luna is proudly serving patients in California (the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Orange County), Seattle, and Chicago. Start feeling better now—contact Luna on-demand physical therapy today

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