Hyperice and Luna Partnership Delivers Meaningful Impacts in Physical Therapy

By Luna
Hyperice and Luna Partnership Delivers Meaningful Impacts in Physical Therapy

Hyperice, a holistic high-performance wellness brand known for its percussion massage guns, joins Luna in a powerful new partnership that will benefit both clinicians and their physical therapy patients.

Similar to how Luna is reimagining physical therapy, Hyperice is revolutionizing the wellness experience with its products. Already well-known and used by many high-profile athletes and professional sports leagues, Hyperice continues to evolve by expanding access to its products and tools for everyday patients.

Hyperice Meets In-Home Physical Therapy with Luna

In an inspiring collaboration, Hyperice is making meaningful strides to broaden access and equip physical therapy clinicians with diverse wellness tools, allowing more patients to benefit from their products.

“[Hyperice’s] mission is well-aligned with that of physical therapy and wellness as a whole. We are on a mission to help everybody on the planet move better and live better because of it,” said Eric Fernandez, Director of Hyperice’s PT & Chiropractic division. “We believe the quality of life is intimately connected to movement. We try to deliver on that mission by creating innovative tools that… help people access self-care, soft-tissue mobilization, and other resources to meet their goals.”

Through this partnership with Luna, Hyperice is tapping into the needs of physical therapy patients and improving the journey to better mobility. Empowering Luna with these tools and resources will expand in-home access to patients who need them and to PTs who may not have these products in the clinic setting.

Continued Impact of the Luna and Hyperice Partnership

With such a powerful stack of technology-driven tools, Hyperice is complementing the services Luna already provides —delivering physical therapy treatment when and where patients need it most. Not only are the Hypervolt and other Hyperice tools more accessible for patients who would benefit from their use, but Luna PTs will also have access to resources and demonstrations of practical applications that can be used in the field.

“At Luna, we are thrilled to make innovative tools available to you and provide education on its use to drive great patient results,” said Palak Shah, Head of Clinical Services at Luna. “After seeing thousands of patients, we have learned that diversifying the treatment approach, finding additional adjunct tools for your manual skills, and finding tools that patients can continue to use independently for self-care, can all enhance the patient experience.”

Enhancing In-Person Physical Therapy Results

Combining Hyperice’s powerful suite of products with Luna’s groundbreaking platform leads to more tangible benefits and better clinical outcomes. 

“Your patients may already be using the Hypervolt and may benefit from guidance by an expert clinician like yourself,” said Palak Shah.

At Luna, we are dedicated to our patients, and through this partnership, we will continue to provide more accessibility to high-quality care, so patients and therapists can get back to focusing on what really matters: healing.

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