Luna is Now Available in Baltimore, Fort Myers, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, and Spokane!

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By Luna
Luna is Now Available in Baltimore, Fort Myers, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, and Spokane!

UPDATE: We are devastated to hear news of the hurricane damage currently impacting Florida residents. Luna is dedicated to providing our support as the recovery and healing process begins in Fort Myers.

Join us in celebrating our most recent new region launch! We are thrilled to announce Luna's expansion to 5 more areas now serving quality care.

What is Luna?

Luna is the leading in-home physical therapy platform, offering 1:1 personalized care at home that is covered by insurance. By shifting treatment from the clinic to the home, Luna is reinventing outpatient physical therapy and improving convenience, access, safety, and adherence. Luna now has 2,000+ licensed therapists on the platform that are available seven days a week and can be requested via the app. 

Why These New Regions, You Ask?

After successfully serving 43 markets across the country, we’re excited to spread physical therapy innovation to:

Why Join Luna?

At Luna, we want you to feel invested in your patients and have the independence to make your own schedule. Our unique platform offers therapists several exciting capabilities: 

  • Smart Scheduling - Set your availability and we take care of the rest.
  • Auto-Charting - Use our unique voice-based charting for easy and fast documentation.
  • Easy-to-Use App - An entire practice in the palm of your hand, complete with patient messaging, assignable exercises, and a full-service Concierge team. 

What’s more, Luna is in-network with major insurance providers across the United States.

Whether you’re a patient looking to receive physical therapy treatment in your home, a physical therapist ready to own your career, or a physician looking for better physical therapy access and treatment for your patients, Luna is here. Now that we’re open for business in these areas, the question is...where will we go next?


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