Icing Out Shin Splints: Why Cold Therapy is the Best Option

By Luna
Icing Out Shin Splints: Why Cold Therapy is the Best Option

If you suffer from shin splints, you may be thinking about the age-old question: heat or ice? Shin splints is a common injury that causes debilitating pain and discomfort in the lower leg, disrupting even the most active person’s daily routine.

While both can be beneficial in reducing inflammation and promoting healing, which one is best, heat or ice for shin splints?

Different Uses for Heat and Ice Therapy

Heat therapy and cold therapy are both commonly used to treat injuries, but the purpose of each is different. Instinctively, many lean towards applying warmth to soothe sore areas, but that may not be the best option for the injury.

  • Heat therapy increases blood flow and relaxes muscles, making it a good option for treating muscle spasms and chronic pain.

  • Cold therapy reduces inflammation and swelling, making it a popular choice for treating acute injuries like sprains and strains.

Why Ice is Best for Shin Splints

When it comes to treating shin splints, ice is the best choice. Shin splints is an overuse injury that results in inflammation and microtears in the muscles. Applying ice to the area can help alleviate pain, boost muscle recovery, and promote healing. It also reduces swelling and improves the range of motion in your joints. 

Ice works by constricting blood vessels, which reduces blood flow and slows down the inflammatory response. This helps to lessen the swelling and pain, making it easier for the body to heal. Ice can also help to numb the affected area, providing temporary relief.

By incorporating cold therapy, patients with shin splints can experience a variety of positive outcomes. These include:

  • Improved circulation

  • Reduced pain and discomfort

  • Faster healing time

  • Decreased inflammation and swelling

In-Home Physical Therapy With Luna

Ice offers a healing and therapeutic effect for shin splints. With Luna’s in-home physical therapy, you’ll find the relief you need to heal quickly. Our experienced therapists combine an individualized and comprehensive approach to your treatment plan and tailor it to your specific needs.

Combining ice therapy with manual therapies like massage and stretching, we help patients achieve optimal results and return to their daily lives with the convenience of in-home care. If you’re ready to start healing, contact us and get matched with a therapist in your area.