In-Home Physical Therapy is Effective. Should You Try It?

By Luna
In-Home Physical Therapy is Effective. Should You Try It?

Physical therapy (PT) is a highly effective treatment that helps people recover from all types of painful afflictions, injuries, surgeries, and other challenging conditions. But sometimes, the hardest part of physical therapy is getting started. At Luna, we're making it easier than ever to obtain highly effective physical therapy…at your home. It's our unique differentiator. So if you're on the fence about getting physical therapy, we can help. 

This article breaks down exactly what physical therapy is, who can benefit from it, how in-home treatment and insurance coverage work, and the many benefits of in-home PT. Then, should you want to try it, we share how to book one of our friendly, knowledgeable, board-certified physical therapists. Let's get started!

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a series of rehabilitative treatments used to alleviate pain, recover from injuries, and restore functional movements, like standing, walking, or even swinging a tennis racket or a golf club. A licensed physical therapist administers a specific course of treatment. PT is a highly effective remedy for improving functional movement, preventing injuries, and improving athletic performance. 

What is the goal of physical therapy?

The goal of a physical therapist is to identify the root cause of your condition. They will ask questions, perform tests, and make a diagnosis based on your symptoms and medical history. Once your condition is properly diagnosed, your PT will administer the proper techniques and course of treatment to restore muscle movement, relieve pain, and improve strength. Physical therapy is not only utilized for recovery. It is also a powerful tool for learning how to prevent or manage certain conditions while achieving and enjoying long-term health benefits.

What is in-home physical therapy?

In-home physical therapy occurs when a physical therapist comes directly to your home (or office, gym, or another place of your choosing) to provide rehabilitation services on days and times that are most convenient for you. 

Who needs in-home physical therapy?

Anyone who needs PT can benefit from in-home physical therapy. It's not just for those with mobility issues or transportation challenges. Some patients have kids and find it difficult to get a sitter. Others have demanding work schedules and need PT care outside regular business hours. In addition, the pandemic continues to prompt many to avoid crowded places (like waiting rooms), making in-home care a safer, more comfortable option. And many simply feel more at ease when receiving treatment at home. Whatever the reason, in-home physical therapy eliminates the hassle of traveling to and from a busy clinic.

What are the benefits of in-home physical therapy?

There are many benefits of in-home physical therapy, including:

  • It's incredibly convenient. The therapist comes to your home on days and times of your choosing.
  • Patients who receive in-home physical therapy receive higher quality care since it's a one-on-one interaction. Patients also get nearly an hour of the therapist's undivided attention, as opposed to an average of 20 minutes at a typical clinic.
  • It's more comfortable receiving treatment at home than at a PT clinic. (Take it from Leah, who was initially skeptical about getting physical therapy at her home.)
  • Having treatment in a patient's known environment contributes to better outcomes. In fact, 70% of patients don't finish their entire treatment regimen at a traditional PT clinic. Alternatively, patients who receive care at home better understand their treatment and are more likely to adhere to their full course of care, making in-home care more effective.
  • In-home PT provides a safer alternative if you're in a high-risk category or concerned about potential exposure to COVID-19 or other illnesses at traditional clinics. 
  • In-home PT can begin immediately. Typically, patients wait an average of 26 days to go to a PT clinic. However, Luna's patients can start receiving focused, one-on-one care with their physical therapist within 48 hours of referral. Because in-home care commences right away, that timely treatment helps patients heal faster and can prevent further complications. 
  • In-home physical therapy is life-changing for many Luna patients

Does my health insurance cover in-home physical therapy?

Yes! With Luna in-home physical therapy, you'll pay the same as you would pay to visit a PT clinic, not a penny more. We accept all major insurances and Medicare. To see your coverage, use our free online benefit verification tool. It shows your co-pay amount, the number of allowable visits, and more. At Luna, we strive to redefine and improve every aspect of your physical therapy experience - including demystifying your health insurance coverage. 

How do I get in-home physical therapy?

Luna is the top option for bringing physical therapy to you, making in-home PT more accessible, convenient, and safer than ever before. Beginning your at-home physical therapy treatment couldn't be easier. Simply book an appointment online or call Luna directly

If you're ready for a better way to get well, then you're ready for Luna. We look forward to helping and healing you soon.

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