Insurers, Injured Workers Want You to Read This

By Luna
Insurers, Injured Workers Want You to Read This

At Luna, we help workers’ compensation insurers, TPAs, and managed care networks improve clinical outcomes through on-demand physical therapy services. We know the power of one-on-one PT care delivered to injured workers’ doors because day-in and day-out patients are raving about the service and getting back on their feet faster than expected. However, not everyone shares our enthusiasm…yet. 

Today, we’re going to shine a light on two of the common myths associated with physical therapy delivered at home, to help you make the best decision on behalf of your organization. 

Myth #1: Injured workers will not get better if you don't get them out of the house and into a clinic.

Given what we know about the disposition of an injured worker, we understand where this myth stems from. However, times are changing. The at-home care market is exploding, and it's a direct reflection of consumers’ shifting demands. The fact is, giving injured workers the option to receive care at home actually increases their chances of completing their course of care. The model has been proven for decades with complex care in the Medicare space. With common work-related injuries (slips, trips, sprains, contusions, pre-post surgical) the model is even easier to deliver. Luna physical therapists bring the necessary equipment, treatment tables, and measuring tools for a no nonsense, hands-on treatment approach.

Myth #2: Injured workers who choose to remain at home for their PT care are lazy and will never get back to work.

There are many reasons why an injured worker would prefer to receive care at home that has nothing to do with their motivation (or lack thereof) to get better. Maybe it’s challenging to navigate to and from the clinic. Maybe there is some fear about going into the clinic due to COVID-19 and exposure to multiple patients. In a recent survey, it was found that 63% of people would prefer to receive care at home if the alternative was visiting a clinic. In recent quarters, we’ve found that this has increased to 90% of patients preferring delivery. This is not a reflection of laziness but simply a preference in the way people are choosing to receive care in 2022.

Let's Play "Would You Rather"

It’s not rocket science. Imagine you’ve been hurt on the job. You’re in pain, stuck at home, and feeling rather resentful of the entire situation. Would you rather…

  • Travel to a clinic two to three times a week to wait in a waiting room for a rushed appointment with only 10-15 minutes of PT attention
  • Deal with traffic and waiting rooms
  • And bounce around between therapists due to high turnover


  • Receive a call from a white-glove service to schedule a PT appointment on your schedule
  • Receive 45-55 minutes of personalized care, delivered right to your door within 48 hours,  and see the same qualified PT throughout the entire course of your care

Often referred to as the Doordash of physical therapy,” Luna helps you provide injured workers with the latter.

Because we deliver physical therapy to injured workers’ doors, Luna offers a "no-excuse" workers' compensation model. Car trouble, no show to appointments, cancellations, and scheduling conflicts (Luna delivers PT care seven days a week between 6:30 am and 9:30 pm) need not apply. 

If your goal is to empower injured workers to get back to work faster through physical therapy, learn more about Luna or get in touch with one of our W/C leaders today to learn about our national coverage.