SCL Health and Luna Launch At Home Physical Therapy Service in Denver

By Luna
SCL Health and Luna Launch At Home Physical Therapy Service in Denver

Are you looking for physical therapy in Denver? Your options just got better. In partnership with SCL Health, Luna now delivers convenient, at-home physical therapy to patients in the Denver area.

What is Luna?

Luna is the nation's leading on-demand physical therapy service provider. Through an easy-to-use, innovative online application, Luna delivers state-of-the-art care to patients in their homes. Luna's online platform makes it easy to schedule an appointment, get matched with a top-notch physical therapist, and receive quality, timely care. Luna patients love receiving care on days and times that best fit their schedules and within the comfort and safety of home.

Why Colorado?

With recent partnerships with some of the top health systems in the United States, it's an exciting time of growth at Luna. We now deliver the utmost in at-home physical therapy to patients in 20 states — and that number continues to grow. That's why we're thrilled to offer a more convenient way for PT patients to access care in the Denver area via a new partnership with SCL Health.

What is SCL Health?

SCL Health is an impressive faith-based, nonprofit healthcare organization. Its $2.8 billion health network provides comprehensive, coordinated care through eight hospitals and more than 150 physician clinics in and around the Denver, Colorado, area. Patients can now use Luna's online platform for customized PT care as an extension of SCL Health's outpatient physical therapy clinics. Utilizing Luna, they can effortlessly request an appointment, get matched to a local therapist, and receive timely, highly effective PT treatments at home, saving them loads of valuable time, energy, and resources. 

But patients aren't the only ones that benefit from the partnership. By teaming up with Luna, SCL Health has instantly expanded its geographic footprint without establishing new care facilities. "The Luna platform enables SCL Health to extend the reach of our physical therapy services, making them more convenient and accessible to patients who prefer the delivery of care to them at home," said Tajquah Hudson, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer, SCL Health. 

Why partner with Luna?

The answer is simple. Conventional physical therapy is no longer adequate. Traditional PT facilities and methodologies often equate to patients waiting nearly 26 days before starting their treatment. Worse yet, 70 percent never complete their course of care. Today, 63 percent prefer an at-home option for care, mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At Luna, we know that quality, at-home physical therapy is the better option. It's safe, affordable, convenient, and results in better health outcomes. So it's no surprise that the need for on-demand, outpatient physical therapy continues to grow throughout the nation. We look forward to satisfying that need and expanding into new markets throughout the U.S. 

How can Luna help?

Whether you're a patient looking to receive physical therapy treatment at home, a physical therapist ready to own their career, or a physician looking for better physical therapy access and treatment for their patients, Luna is here for you. Let's team up today.