Luna Launches Luna Eats!

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By Lily Beltran
Luna Launches Luna Eats!

You’re at your home working through physical therapy exercises with your Luna physical therapist when your stomach starts to growl. Did she hear that? Oh my! How embarrassing! Now, you’re distracted and can’t focus your attention on the quality care you’re receiving.

Honestly, is there anything worse than having to do physical therapy on an empty stomach?

Luna’s ready to fix that pesky problem with Luna Eats. Starting today, our therapists are ready and willing to deliver healthy snacks and smoothies straight to your door. Luna patients can easily place delivery orders using the Luna app.

Here’s just a sample of our delicious Luna Eats menu:

  • Granola

  • Smoothies

  • Fresh Pressed Juices

  • Acai Bowls

  • And more!

Luna is now delivering healthy snacks straight to your door with Luna Eats! Check it out.

Our goal is to make physical therapy as convenient for patients as possible, and now, we’re making healthy eating easy and accessible too. Luna Eats launches today in LA and San Francisco, and it will roll out to other markets soon. Be sure to get your orders in now!

….actually. April Fools! Sorry, folks. For now, you’ll have to find your tasty treats and healthy snacks elsewhere.

Okay, so we’re obviously not a food delivery company. Here’s what we are—an on-demand physical therapy service that uses technology to connect highly qualified physical therapists with the patients who need them. We are currently serving the Bay Area and recently launched in Los Angeles. If you’re interested in receiving quality care right from your home, gym, or office, download the Luna app and book your first appointment today.

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