Luna Improves Performance of Bundled Payments for Total Hip and Knee Replacement

By Luna
Luna Improves Performance of Bundled Payments for Total Hip and Knee Replacement

Did you know that more than five billion dollars is spent in the post acute phase for total joint replacement every year? And that number is growing! Bundled payments have become a popular option for health care providers to lessen the financial burden to patients while providing a clear care pathway. However, these plans can often fall short with quality of care and efficiency. Not to mention, traditional home health options vary greatly in cost.

We aim to bring convenience and affordability to our patients while receiving better care and faster healing. With Luna’s on-demand services, we have improved bundled care options for total hip and knee replacement, making it more affordable and efficient – offering maximized savings and better transitioning from the acute setting to the proper post acute setting. And with 33% of total joint replacement costs being spent in the post acute phase, there’s a lot of savings to be made through on-demand physical therapy care.

At home physical therapy is a better way to heal

Outpatient therapy is often the most cost-effective option for care, as well as one of the easiest ways for patients to fully recover from total joint replacement. With Luna’s on-demand PT, a therapist is delivered right to your door, visiting in person in the home, gym, or office. Luna even provides options for working directly one-on-one with a physical therapist through virtual televisits and integrating a digital experience through the Luna Exercise App to easily monitor patient progress.

By receiving care in the home, you can be at ease and focus more on improving your strength and regaining full motor functions without worrying about the excessive costs of nursing, personal care, and home health facilities.

At home physical therapy benefits are compounding

We have seen a huge improvement to patient outcomes and a higher completion of care with in-home, one-on-one care. By having your PT delivered right to you, they can focus more exclusively on your healing progression and your condition while tailoring your treatment plan based on your home environment and daily habits. More direct care means more meaningful improvements and interactions with and from your therapist. In fact, based on our recent study, 77% of patients saw a significant pain reduction within just 10 visits of surgery with Luna’s physical therapy, and 72% also experienced important functional improvement.

Luna offers the highest value for post acute care through our bundle payment arrangements that includes:

  • Better efficiency in health-care delivery
  • Lower re-admittance rates
  • Offers an average of $3,000 reduction per case
  • Higher adherence to treatment plan
  • Quality improvements to patient outcomes
  • In-home delivered care

If you or a loved one are looking for a way to get more meaningful care, we have an exceptional network of physical therapists that can’t wait to give you the healing you deserve at a cost that is convenient and affordable to you. 

Download the full bundled care report here.