Michael J. Fox’s Emmy-Winning Documentary Shines a Spotlight on Parkinson’s Disease

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Michael J. Fox’s Emmy-Winning Documentary Shines a Spotlight on Parkinson’s Disease

There is a profound silence brought on by the implications of Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and mobility-affecting neurological conditions in a world that’s always moving, prizing the constant motion of our everyday lives. But that never stopped Michael J. Fox from moving forward, even after his diagnosis at the age of 29.

That’s where we find him in many of the film scenes brought to life in Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie. He’s running, but if anything, running away — from the diagnosis and the limitations that follow.

“Before Parkinson’s, what did it mean to be still?” Michael J. Fox is asked in the documentary interview.

His response: “I wouldn’t know. I was never still.”

It was nearly seven years of living with Parkinson’s and hiding his initial tremors before going public with the reality. But Fox wouldn’t accept defeat; he always counted on movement to define him, but living with Parkinson’s Disease became something that he couldn’t shake or outrun — though that didn’t stop him from being determined to live fully and be present in every moment.

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Sweeping the Emmys: New Attention Brought to Parkinson’s Disease

This cinematic film captures the essence of Michael J. Fox’s journey towards life and possibility. The captivating work of this film swept the Emmys this year, having seven nominations and earning four Emmy Awards. They include:

  • Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Special
  • Outstanding Picture Editing For A Nonfiction Special
  • Outstanding Directing For A Documentary/Nonfiction Program
  • Outstanding Music Composition For A Documentary Series or Special (Original Dramatic Score)

Raising Awareness and The Search for a Cure

The award-winning attention this documentary has gained brings awareness to the underrepresented reality of living with Parkinson's Disease. The documentary's success at the Emmys amplifies its reach with a powerful narrative, ensuring more people are exposed to its message.

The film's recognition serves as a catalyst for conversation and action. This recognition sparks dialogue that will increase funding for research, accelerate the next generation of treatments, and improve support systems for all lives affected by PD.

Advancements in Parkinson’s Disease Treatments

As the conversation continues and research for Parkinson’s grows, so does the potential for finding a cure and improving the quality of life for those currently living with PD.

Today’s treatments focus on individual symptoms and needs. Often, the most effective approach includes incorporating physical therapy and exercise in your daily routine to enhance mobility and improve balance. The film showcases scenes where Michael J. Fox engages in gait training and balance exercises under the guidance of a physical therapist, giving us a look into the impact that physical therapy can have on a patient's daily life.

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Your Partner in Managing Parkinson’s Disease

The benefits of exercise for Parkinson's patients cannot be overstated. At Luna, we are committed to supporting PD patients and helping enhance their quality of life by staying active and minimizing pain through physical therapy.

Our board-certified physical therapists create treatment plans tailored specifically for you in a more effective, one-on-one environment. We're dedicated to making physical therapy safe, convenient, and comfortable, so each patient has the opportunity to receive the personalized care they need right in the comfort of their own home.

Reach out to us to learn more about our approach and take the first step towards effective, personalized care with a Luna Therapist near you.

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