Luna's Top 12 Most Popular Blogs of 2023

By Luna
Luna's Top 12 Most Popular Blogs of 2023

We are thrilled to share our top 12 most popular blogs of 2023. These are the compelling stories that physical therapy patients found most helpful in their healing process, so we're sharing them with you, too. Join us as we recap each, showing how they have empowered people on their paths to recovery.

Bounce Back from Your Sprained Ankle with Physical Therapy Exercises

This is an excellent guide on recovering from a sprained ankle through physical therapy exercises. It outlines a series of targeted exercises designed to strengthen and stabilize the ankle, facilitating a faster and more effective recovery process. 

Pickleball Injuries on the Rise: Serving Up Physical Therapy to Stay in the Game

Here, we address the rising trend of injuries associated with pickleball and explore how physical therapy can play a crucial role in mitigating these issues. It delves into the specific types of injuries common in pickleball players, emphasizing the importance of targeted therapeutic interventions to prevent and successfully treat them. 

Get Back in the Game: 5 Exercises for Rehabilitating a Torn ACL

This article outlines a rehabilitation strategy for individuals recovering from a torn ACL, offering five specific exercises that facilitate a safe return to physical activity. It provides a concise and informative guide, emphasizing targeted exercises designed to strengthen and stabilize the knee, ultimately supporting recovery and helping individuals regain their active lifestyle after an ACL injury.

3 Tips to Ease Pain from Tennis Elbow for a Better Night Sleep

This blog post article shares three practical tips to alleviate pain from tennis elbow, specifically focusing on improving sleep quality. It offers insights into effective strategies for minimizing discomfort related to tennis elbow, providing valuable advice for individuals seeking a better night's rest while managing this common condition.

How Long Does Tennis Elbow Last? 5 Factors to Consider

This piece explores the duration of tennis elbow by highlighting five key factors that influence its recovery time. By examining various considerations, the article offers valuable insights into the complex nature of tennis elbow recovery, helping individuals better understand and manage their expectations regarding the timeline for healing.

3 Stretching Exercises to Serving Up a Healthy Tennis Elbow Recovery

Here, we introduce three stretching exercises designed to promote a healthy recovery from tennis elbow. Focused on enhancing flexibility and reducing stiffness, the article guides those seeking effective stretching routines to rehabilitate tennis elbow.

No Pain, No Sprain: Tips for Overcoming High Ankle Injuries with Luna PT

Gain valuable tips for overcoming high ankle injuries, emphasizing effective strategies from our physical therapists. The article provides insights and guidance to help individuals navigate their recovery journey by addressing the unique challenges of high ankle injuries.

4 Stretches for Shin Splints: The Best Prevention and Recovery Exercises

Learn four stretches tailored to prevent and recover from shin splints and practical exercises to alleviate discomfort and enhance lower leg flexibility. With a focus on prevention and rehabilitation, the article provides valuable insights into maintaining shin health for those looking to address or avoid shin splint issues.

Don't Let Shin Splints Keep You on the Sidelines: Physical Therapy Can Help

This article emphasizes the role of physical therapy in addressing shin splints, offering insights into how targeted therapeutic interventions can assist individuals in overcoming this common issue. It encourages those dealing with shin splints to seek professional guidance since it provides a more effective recovery and a faster return to physical activity.

Icing Out Shin Splints: Why Cold Therapy is the Best Option

Discover the effectiveness of cold therapy in managing shin splints and why it is a preferred option for alleviating pain and promoting recovery. By delving into the science behind cold therapy, the article offers insights into its benefits, providing valuable information for individuals seeking a practical approach to address shin splint discomfort.

New Study: Physical Therapy Patients Prefer In-Person, In-Home Care Over Virtual or Facility-Based Care

In this piece, you'll learn why patients prefer in-person, in-home physical therapy. It highlights the advantages and benefits of this personalized approach to rehabilitation. By addressing patient perspectives, it provides insights as to why it is favored by individuals seeking a more tailored and convenient physical therapy experience.

Luna to Deliver At-Home Physical Therapy for AARP Members

This article announced our exclusive collaboration with AARP to provide at-home physical therapy services for AARP members. This partnership emphasizes Luna's commitment to expanding access to personalized care, making it more convenient for AARP members to receive quality physical therapy in the comfort of their homes. Luna is proud to be the only PT provider to carry the AARP name.

Whether it's bouncing back from a sprained ankle, navigating the complexities of tennis elbow, or seeking the best strategies for shin splints, Luna's blog has been a beacon of information and support. However, our commitment to your well-being extends beyond these blog articles. For a better, more convenient rehabilitation experience, try Luna for in-home physical therapy. You'll soon learn why Luna is the fastest-growing physical therapy clinic in the nation. Whether you're recovering from an injury, maintaining your health, or simply embracing the gift of movement, know that Luna is here to support you on your journey.

We wish you and your loved ones a healthy and joyous 2024! 

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