Physician’s Corner: Dr. Thomas W. Peatman

Meet Dr. Peatman, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon at Webster Orthopedics, with offices in Oakland and San Ramon, California
By Lily Beltran
Physician’s Corner: Dr. Thomas W. Peatman

Dr. Peatman is a member of our Advisory Council, a partnership between Luna and leading physicians dedicated to improving the overall patient experience—including greater satisfaction and better clinical outcomes.


What do you value the most from an outpatient physical therapy delivery service?

These physical therapists can develop a rapport with their patients and build trust. This allows both the patient and PT to be on the same page regarding rehab protocols. Outpatient PTs can easily formalize a focused treatment program, such as one to aid with pre- and post-operative range of motion for knees and hips.

It’s vital for outpatient PTs to willingly communicate any concerns with the physician as well as provide updates on the patient’s progress, to assess if they are improving as expected. I’d also expect the PT to be able to identify any outliers with patients.

What are the most important factors you take into consideration when referring a patient to physical therapy?

Most patients want physical therapy after surgery, and I offer it to all my patients post-op. I highly recommend it for knee conditions. Convenience is important for patients; they’re willing to drive to see the doctor, but they want physical therapy close to home.

In your experience, what are qualities you have seen from the best physical therapists?

The best PTs are able to “read” a patient and provide the maximum level of treatment without hurting the patient.

Once you’ve referred a patient to Luna, which types of information would you like to hear from the PT?

I need to be updated on basic clinical information on the patients I refer to Luna, such as the range of motion for knee conditions. And I like to know that the patients I don’t hear about are doing fine with pain management or other relevant concerns.

How would you describe Luna to your peers?

Luna has excellent geographical coverage, and patients can receive care within a reasonable amount of time. They see the same physical therapist for every visit, which is important. My patients love the convenience, and this increases their satisfaction with the physical therapy experience.