Introducing the Luna Advisory Council

Bringing a physician’s perspective to physical therapy
By Lily Beltran
Introducing the Luna Advisory Council

When it comes to physical therapy, patient satisfaction is a critical metric for measuring success. The happier a patient is with their PT experience, the more likely they are to complete their course of care and return to normal functioning.

To help Luna deliver the best in on-demand physical therapy, we are proud to announce the Luna Advisory Council, which currently includes six leading orthopedic surgeons:

Dr. Earl W. Brien

Dr. Peter W. Callander

Dr. Nicholas H. Mast 

Dr. Robert E. Mayle, Jr. 

Dr. Thomas W. Peatman

Dr. Aaron K. Salyapongse

Here’s what they have to say about Luna:

  • “Luna is a company dedicated to providing physical therapy in an outpatient setting. Their physical therapists are highly accessible and are skilled in helping patients return to health. They spend time really working with patients—they’re not just punching the time clock.” Dr. Brien
  • “With its convenient delivery model and by providing better access to care, Luna can make my patients’ lives happier and improve their satisfaction, especially after a major surgery like a joint replacement.” — Dr. Mayle.
  • “Luna has excellent geographical coverage, and patients can receive care within a reasonable amount of time. They see the same physical therapist for every visit, which is important. My patients love the convenience, and this increases their satisfaction with the physical therapy experience.” Dr. Peatman

Communication + Coordination = Better Care

Another important purpose of the Luna Advisory Council is to improve how physicians refer patients and communicate with the physical therapists. For example, the council’s physicians recommended creating a clinical dashboard that would allow physicians to track patients’ progress once they were in the care of the physical therapist. Based on that feedback, the Luna team is taking steps to fundamentally enhance how physicians and PTs better coordinate patient care throughout the entire treatment process. 

“I need to be updated on basic clinical information on the patients I refer to Luna, such as the range of motion for knee conditions,” says Dr. Peatman. “And I like to know that the patients I don’t hear about are doing fine with pain management or other relevant concerns.”

Looking Ahead

As Luna expands into new markets—we started in San Francisco, then added Los Angeles, Orange County, and Seattle—the Advisory Council will also grow. We look forward to inviting new physicians to join the council, especially those who work in the markets we serve. Together, we’re re-imagining physical therapy and helping patients return to health as easily and quickly as possible.

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