Which Home Treatment is Right For Me? Home Health vs. Outpatient Care with Luna

By Luna
Which Home Treatment is Right For Me? Home Health vs. Outpatient Care with Luna

The demand for better care options and convenience for rehabilitation is higher than ever. At least sixty-three percent of patients now prefer to get in-home care as opposed to visiting a clinic or doctor’s office - and we see even higher interest from patients needing PT.

When patients receive outpatient physical therapy at a clinic, they are faced with the challenge of getting to and from their appointments, wasted time in waiting rooms and traffic, and many other inconveniences. The ease and comfort of healing with outpatient therapy at home leads to better adherence to the course of care and faster recoveries.

With our commitment to delivering better, convenient care and bringing relief, Luna is meeting patients wherever they are to provide outpatient physical therapy. We answered the call for the rising demand of at-home therapy, and it’s directly influencing the patient care experience.

Now let’s take a look at the difference between home health and Luna’s model for outpatient PT at home.

What is Traditional Home Health?

Traditional home health provides treatment to homebound, medically complex patients that require nursing, occupational, speech and physical therapy - typically after a recent condition or surgery. Home health is reserved for a very specific segment of patients - those who are homebound, medically unstable and have substantial difficulty getting to the clinic or hospital setting safely for their treatment. There are strict guidelines for a patient to qualify for this kind of care and each patient is limited on the amount of visits permitted, making it difficult to achieve full recovery for most conditions.

What is Outpatient Physical Therapy?

Outpatient physical therapy is typically clinic-based physical therapy care. With Luna, we’ve innovated to enable outpatient physical therapy to be delivered to the home - with the same exact co-pay that you would pay to receive care in the clinic. Our services do not require the patient to be homebound, in fact, any patient seeking outpatient care can receive our service. Note that patients that qualify for outpatient PT must be discharged from home health (above) in order to begin their outpatient care.

Bridging the Gap: From Home Health to Outpatient Care with Luna

Those with limited mobility gain huge benefits from in-home care without the hassle of travel and coordinating transportation to a clinic, but home health options can often be expensive (namely, for provider groups) and may not fully meet the needs of the patient once their treatment is over. This is where Luna comes in - to provide outpatient services in the home! We love having the opportunity to work with home health agencies to continue recovery after a patient has been discharged from their home health order. Where home health helps stabilize patients after surgery and focuses on preventing hospital readmissions, Luna aims to get patients back on their feet, improving overall mobility to get back to their daily lives.

At-home services with Luna aren’t limited to those with more intensive mobility needs. Luna delivers your outpatient PT right to your home, so you feel comfortable, motivated, and empowered to complete your course of care.

Quality, at-home care allows the therapist to create a treatment plan that’s more relevant to your daily life and routine. Your PT will be able to identify exactly where the core needs are for your lifestyle and apply them to your recovery track so you see significant progress in your recovery. When focusing in a highly personalized, one-on-one setting, your PT works directly with you to create a realistic plan dedicated to your needs and goals as a patient.

With at-home outpatient therapy, you’ll benefit from:

  • The flexibility of treatment in your daily life
  • The new focus on regaining function as it relates to your daily routine
  • Not having to arrange transportation to the clinic
  • The same low costs associated with outpatient therapy and covered through Medicare
  • More independence of recovering from home
  • Added commitment to performing your home exercises

Unmatched Patient Care Delivered to Your Door

Outpatient care in a clinic and home health come with their own set of challenges that makes completing a treatment plan more difficult and, as a result, may lead to longer, more strenuous recoveries.

That’s why Luna focuses on innovating the physical therapy experience, delivering the highest quality of care to the places you spend your life. By seeing the exercises and activities in action as they relate to your daily life, you’ll feel more confident in continuing them between sessions. Your Luna PT will better understand the areas that need more work and can tailor your exercises accordingly, so you continue to heal, rebuild your strength, and reduce the possibility of further injury.

Learn more about how Luna can connect you with an at-home outpatient physical therapist and see the impact healing with Luna can make.

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