3 Physical Therapy Benchmarks for Insurance Companies to Consider

By Luna
3 Physical Therapy Benchmarks for Insurance Companies to Consider

Physical therapy is a critical component of driving better clinical outcomes. Luna is helping insurance companies meet their goals faster while containing costs with our innovative on-demand physical therapy model. How exactly? Here are three important physical therapy benchmarks for insurance companies to consider. 

Benchmark: Cost Per Visit

How Luna Helps: Luna’s innovative on-demand physical therapy model was designed to provide the highest quality care while keeping costs contained. In fact, our on-demand physical therapy services cost the same as physical therapy delivered in a brick-and-mortar clinic setting.  Luna’s prices are aligned with national benchmarks for outpatient rates, including workers' compensation visits. We utilize top-notch technology to cut down on overhead without sacrificing the quality of service. Those cost savings go directly into your pocket, particularly when avoiding the overutilization of traditional home health.

Benchmark: Response and Turnaround Time

How Luna Helps: When it comes to enabling exceptional clinical outcomes through physical therapy, time is of the essence. Early intervention has been shown to help patients heal faster. It also empowers insurance companies to reduce payment claims by decreasing the likelihood of patients needing pharmaceutical intervention, diagnostics, and costly procedures. 

You have quotas to fill, and we are committed to getting patients scheduled and seen as quickly as possible. When a referral is sent to Luna, they’ll be contacted for scheduling within 24 hours and given the option to receive care within 48 hours. The result? Insurance adjusters can rest easy knowing that their patients are being taken care of with no delays in care that could reduce outcomes. 

Our promise to Luna partners? Send a patient referral to Luna, and we’ll schedule and see that patient faster than any other physical therapy company in the country. If you’re interested in becoming a Luna partner, contact W/C leader Sean Sullivan

Benchmark: Utilization Rates 

How Luna Helps: Luna’s at-home PT helps patients heal faster and helps insurance companies rest easy knowing that PT is utilized appropriately and efficiently. The efficacy of Luna’s care model is well documented. Luna patients experience a 45% average reduction in pain within 10 visits, compared to an industry benchmark of 30%. Luna patients also experience an average of 52% functional improvement within 10 visits, compared to an industry benchmark of 15%. 

Unlike traditional clinics that offer 10-15 minutes of PT attention per visit, we provide red carpet treatment with 45-55 minutes of uninterrupted one-on-one time with world-class therapists. Effective physical therapy treatment extends beyond a PT visit. With in-person delivery, televisits, and in-app exercises, we’re enhancing patient outcomes, providing substantial cost savings, and increasing safety and convenience. In fact, we’re treating at or below ODG guidelines 95% of the time. 

Are you an insurance company ready to improve clinical outcomes and step into the future of physical therapy delivery? Luna makes it easy. Contact our team today to learn more about how Luna can help you achieve clinical excellence.