Luna's Top-Notch Technology Delivers Superior Results

By Luna
Luna's Top-Notch Technology Delivers Superior Results

When it comes to a better healthcare experience, best-in-class technology matters. For patients, therapists, and physicians, Luna leads the way with its prize-winning, high-tech, yet simple-to-use physical therapy application. 

By making it easier to give and receive PT care, Luna is driving faster recoveries for lasting health. But what's behind that driving force? It's honestly a team effort, but one of the most critical components of our success is our award-winning, innovative technology. At Luna, we know that best-in-class tech helps create a better physical therapy experience, not just for patients but also for therapists, physicians, and our partners. Here's what makes us unique in the PT industry.

Integrated therapist prescribed and monitored exercises

The old way: To properly heal from an injury, patients must complete their PT's custom prescribed exercise program. Sadly, most don't follow through due to outdated paper printouts, generic exercise videos, and emailed workout regimens -- all of which are easily lost or ignored. They are not very motivating, and patients rarely adhere to these cumbersome types of exercise programs. 

The innovative Luna solution: Luna revolutionized prescribed physical therapy exercises with a feature called "Luna Exercises." With it, Luna PTs create custom-tailored exercise regimens specific to their patients' needs. The app prompts patients to do their exercises, shows how to do them properly, and records their progress. PTs monitor that progress online and provide timely encouragement and feedback. Best of all, Luna "gamifies" exercise regimens to make them more motivating and fun. Using a tree visual, patients start with a seedling. As they advance through their exercises, the seedling grows. The end-goal is to create a large, healthy tree that produces fruit (by completing exercises) without letting it wilt or lose its leaves (by discontinuing exercises.) We're proud to say that our patients have successfully grown a ton of fruit during their rehab process.

Cutting-edge physician communication

The old way: Today, there's no efficient way for physicians to follow-up and view their PT patients' healing progress once they've prescribed physical therapy. Some receive faxes with status updates, but that type of communication is antiquated and arduous. 

The innovative Luna solution: Physicians who refer their patients to Luna gain access to an online, timely "Physician Dashboard" that provides better visibility into patient outcomes. The data-driven platform generates valuable, easy-to-read reports showing patient details. It's a quick and straightforward way for physicians to understand their patients’ progress and health better.

Empowering partner clinics with "Powered by Luna"

The old way: The COVID-19 pandemic forced many brick-and-mortar PT clinics to close their doors and suspend patient care for extended periods. 

The innovative Luna solution: Luna enabled PT clinics to keep therapists employed and continue care for their patients through their "Powered by Luna" on-demand physical therapy option. The pioneering effort helped PT clinics recapture lost visits, uncover new profit opportunities, treat additional patients, modernize their practice, and more - all during one of the most challenging eras experienced in the healthcare industry. 

Luna awarded for its intuitive, transformational technology

Today, almost anyone can build an app...but only the most brilliant win awards. In 2020, Luna prided itself on winning two Indigo Design Awards: Gold for Mobile App 2020 and Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation. Indigo Design Awards aren't easy to attain. Contenders are scrutinized by a jury of notable digital design experts, including IBM's VP of Design and a Senior UX Engineer at Google. Submissions are judged on several factors -- design, creativity, innovation, functionality, and quality. Only the best of the best triumph -- and Luna did so, twice. The hard-won accolades are evidence of Luna's commitment to high quality, outstanding design, and exceptional products. After winning the award, Luna's Head of Technology, Ryan Gaffney, said, "The other day someone told me that our app looked as if it were designed by Apple...that's a great thing to reflects our efforts to focus on simplicity…it shows that we care."

Care is what drives us. We care about using the incredible power of transformative technology to make on-demand physical therapy more accessible and more useful than ever. We care about helping:

  • Therapists do their jobs better
  • Patients get the most out of their treatment
  • Physicians stay well-informed throughout the PT process 
  • Partners succeeding during the pandemic (and beyond)

Whether you're a physical therapist, patient, physician, or a partner of ours, Luna has the power to help you. Contact us today to learn how.