How Many Times a Week Should You Go to Physical Therapy?

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By Luna
How Many Times a Week Should You Go to Physical Therapy?

If you suffer from an injury or develop a condition that causes pain or affects your functional mobility, your physician may recommend physical therapy treatments as a solution. You may be wondering what to expect from an initial visit, and how often you need to attend therapy sessions in order to see results?

Well, the frequency of your sessions will be contingent on the severity of your diagnosis, your personalized plan based on your lifestyle and schedule, and your progress during each session. We will go more in-depth on how often you should go to physical therapy, and what your PT may recommend for a successful recovery.

Initial evaluation and diagnosis

During your very first visit with your physical therapist, they will evaluate your condition with your medical history, lifestyle questions, level of pain, and areas of affliction. This helps the PT get familiar with your specific situation and understand how your condition is affecting your life. They may also test your strength and motor functions, assessing your limitations to get a clear understanding of your symptoms.

Frequency of therapy sessions

Most often, your physical therapist will start you off at two sessions per week. After your initial assessment, they will have a clear idea of what your needs are and what treatment areas to focus on. They will then be able to properly recommend a treatment plan, develop attainable goals, and set realistic expectations for recovery.

High-risk cases, such as post-surgery patients or complex conditions, will require more frequent visits. These situations commonly involve three sessions per week to better assess and monitor the patient’s progress. This also gives the physical therapist an opportunity for altering the course of treatment whenever necessary in order to see the best results.

After about six to eight weeks of consistent treatments and seeing progress, your PT will likely recommend that the frequency be lessened to one visit a week. This encourages the independent management of your condition and promotes the habit of at-home exercises.

Setting up a treatment plan

The initial visit additionally gives your PT the chance to work with you to collaboratively develop a treatment plan that works for your lifestyle. Everyone has a life and a unique schedule they alone are familiar with – your physical therapist knows that. So they will do their best to plan what’s best for you, taking your personal schedule and work-life into consideration.


Infographic2-2Up to 70% of patients never complete their full course of care in a traditional therapy setting. This is due to perceived barriers, the lack of positive feedback, and the lack of confidence in the results. That’s why it’s so important to develop a plan that you actually feel confident in completing and setting realistic expectations with your PT. This results in more consistent visits and dedication that is essential in making a full recovery. That’s why here at Luna, we are committed to helping you get the most out of your treatments.

Flexibility with Luna

Luna has redesigned the way you receive treatments with on-demand physical therapy. Not only will you have the help of a PT who is dedicated to bringing you meaningful relief, but you will also have much more flexibility throughout your sessions and during the planning process.

This means no more fighting traffic or painstakingly waiting in a stuffy clinic room. Your PT will come to you for each of your weekly sessions – whenever it’s more convenient. Contact us to make an appointment with a PT near you and be on your way to recovery in no time!


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