The Top Cases Physicians Have Referred to Luna

From low-back pain relief to post-operative care, Luna PTs help hundreds of patients heal better
By Lily Beltran
The Top Cases Physicians Have Referred to Luna

Since Luna began delivering on-demand physical therapy one year ago, over 500 physicians have referred patients to our service. These physicians are wise to do so since compliance to care is 70 to 80% higher with home-based PT programs. Patients are therefore more likely to see improved outcomes and at a much lower cost to our healthcare system.

Here are a few examples of how on-demand PT benefits physicians, patients, and our collective bottom line:

Lumbar and Cervicothoracic Pain

About 35% of Luna cases are related to spine pain and movement limitations. Luna’s on-demand model for physical therapy lets PTs tailor the exercise and treatment programs to each patient’s actual environment, e.g., the type of chair they sit in, the height of a work counter, or the type of exercise equipment a patient has. This keeps exercise routines realistic and practical—difficult to do in a clinical setting where PTs can only simulate the home environment. 

With Luna, patients can more conveniently complete their care without joining a clinic waitlist or relying on heavy exercise equipment. We want the patients to return to their physician with improved health, rather than requesting an MRI, injection, or surgery because they could not get a PT appointment. For patients with low back pain, receiving physical therapy early in the course of care helps save millions of dollars in healthcare costs.

Post-Surgical Care

Immediate post-operative physical therapy is critical for patients receiving surgery for conditions such as rotator cuff repairs, ACL or MPFL reconstructions, and joint replacements in the knee, hip, or shoulder. These patients are usually heavily medicated, face difficulties managing the logistics of everyday life, and have movement restrictions and post-surgical precautions. 

Luna PTs provide the consistent, quality care required to ensure the best surgical outcomes. Our patients also appreciate that Luna physical therapists help them learn to be more independent with the tasks of daily living while recovering from surgery. Surgeons trust Luna to help patients complete their course of care and optimize their return to normal function.

Cases from Primary Care Physicians

Many primary care and urgent care physicians frequently refer their patients to Luna to receive treatment for pain in the low back, neck, or knee; tendinopathies; plantar fasciitis; and specialty care for pregnancy or post-partum women. Substantial research indicates that receiving PT before a higher dose of medications or advanced imaging has improved patient outcomes at a much lower cost to healthcare. Early access to PT also improves the patient’s prognosis in rehab, which in turn significantly decreases the impact of the pain cycle or the psychosocial factors on the patient. 

Convenience and Quality for both Physicians and Patients

Currently, Luna serves the entire Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Orange County—comprehensive coverage that has been a huge relief for physicians and their patients. Our referring doctors know that most of their patients can quickly receive the same quality care for a wide variety of musculoskeletal problems. They can do so with no waitlist and the knowledge that Luna’s on-demand PT is covered by insurance. And the physicians have a single convenient and trusted go-to source for physical therapy referrals. It’s a win-win for everyone!