Is On-Demand Physical Therapy Better?

Get personalized care delivered right to your door
By Lily Beltran
Is On-Demand Physical Therapy Better?

Today’s consumers want it all—convenience, service, and excellent value. Companies such as DoorDash and Grubhub have elevated food ordering and delivery to new service levels. While healthcare is not an industry known for such convenience, physical therapists and their patients are embracing the on-demand model with great success.

What Are The Top Benefits of On-Demand Physical Therapy?

On-demand physical therapy offers personalized service and attention that you won’t get in a busy clinic. To make ends meet, PTs often have to see two patients at one time. You may find yourself passed off to an assistant while the therapist helps another patient. With on-demand PT, you receive 45 to 55 minutes of dedicated care, so you can heal faster in fewer treatments


Instead of you going to a clinic or hospital, your PT will bring a treatment table and a mobile kit right to you. After all, 90%+ of cases don’t need those heavy machines. Even more importantly, your on-demand physical therapist will create a practical program that fits your personal environment and lifestyle. You’ll be much more likely to complete your course of care when you don’t have to battle traffic, childcare, waitlists, waiting rooms, and time away from work. 

Can I Get On-Demand Physical Therapy Near Me?

Absolutely. Luna physical therapists are seeing patients throughout California, including:

Is your city not on the list? Luna is rapidly growing, so look for an on-demand physical therapist near you soon.

Does My Insurance Pay for On-Demand Physical Therapy?

Yes, it does! Insurance companies will cover the cost of on-demand physical therapy sessions the same way they cover those in a clinic setting. And Luna accepts all PPOs! That includes Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, Blue Shield of California, Health Net, Humana, LA Care, Medicare, Tricare, UnitedHealthcare and more. For example, Medicare covers all of the cost with a secondary insurance, and commercial insurance patients typically pay a small co-pay. Luna’s Concierge team can answer all of your insurance questions just by calling us.

If you’re a PT who wants an opportunity to own your career, or if you need treatment, consider on-demand physical therapy from Luna!  We make it easy to book an appointment, get matched with a licensed therapist, and receive physical therapy care exactly when and where you need it.

Get personalized care delivered right to your door.
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