Why Luna’s Powerful Combination of Digital and In-Person PT Care Works

By Luna
Why Luna’s Powerful Combination of Digital and In-Person PT Care Works

The COVID-19 pandemic served as a catalyst of change in the way outpatient care is delivered. Last year, we saw a massive shift towards virtual care. The Center for Medicaid Services, for example, saw an 11,000% increase in virtual visits. Now, many are looking for the best way to strike a balance between in-person delivery and virtual care. 

At Luna, we’ve always relied on a powerful, integrated, and innovative combination of the two. The entire business was built on a commitment to reimagine every aspect of the clinical relationship. Based on experience and research, we believe that a blend of digital and in-person care is the best way to achieve faster recoveries through physical therapy.

The Research is In: Blended Care Models Work 

Virtual health care is on the rise, but there will always be a need for in-person interaction in physical therapy. Physical interaction is necessary for patient assessment, hands-on massage/mobilization, and measurement of progress. If there’s anything that this past year has shown us, it’s that there’s no substitute for human presence, and this certainly applies in the physical therapy space. 

A recent study compared the effectiveness of physical therapy delivered via telehealth, in-person treatments, and a combination of the two. The results were exciting. In a follow-up survey, all three groups reported the same positive outcomes from their care. 

The benefits of this blended model of care extend beyond patient outcomes. After three months of therapy, the billed costs for patients using a combination of telehealth and in-person visits totaled $1,015.67, compared to the $1,555.62 and $1,896.83 costs for those relying solely on in-person care. 

Luna’s also conducted its own research around the efficacy of our particular blend of in-person delivery, televisits, and in-app exercises. 

  • 92% of patients referred to Luna start their care. 
  • 50% higher adherence rate than patients who visit a clinic. 
  • 45% reduction in pain (within 10 visits)
  • 52% functional improvement (within 10 visits) 

A Winning Combination for High Quality, Cost Effective Care

Luna offers a powerful combination of in-person treatment and integrated digital support via Luna Exercises to create the best possible experience for you. Why? Because it works. 

Let’s say you recently had an injury and need physical therapy rehab to alleviate your pain. 

You have a few options. 

  1. Head into a traditional outpatient clinic to receive treatment. Take home a few archaic paper printouts to “help” you continue your care from home between visits
  2. Use a physical therapy app to DIY your care from home and hope for the best (don’t try this at home, kids!)
  3. Try Luna - and get a combined model of in-person care along with therapist prescribe in-app exercises

If you’re looking for a better way to heal faster with physical therapy, Luna is the answer. Patients referred to Luna are more likely to start and finish their treatment, see a reduction in pain, and achieve functional improvement compared to those visiting a traditional clinic.  

Why Does it Work? 

Patients don’t have to wait until their next in-person visit to get the motivation and support they need. Luna therapists use the app to prescribe and monitor exercises in real time and help them find relief faster. When patients and therapists do meet face-to-face, the time spent is meaningful with 45-55 minute one-on-one therapy sessions. 

Luna is the only physical therapy service that uses a powerful combination of one-one-one, in person physical therapy treatment and integrated digital experiences. If you’re curious to learn more about Luna and how it works, reach out to our team today.