Luna Protocols Library: A Proven Framework with HOPCo for Exceptional Musculoskeletal Care

By Luna
Luna Protocols Library: A Proven Framework with HOPCo for Exceptional Musculoskeletal Care

At Luna, we're constantly pushing the boundaries and working to improve every aspect of the physical therapy journey — making it as convenient and accessible as possible. That includes offering digital tools that elevate the care experience and standardize the delivery of that care.

Through a licensing agreement with HOPCo (Healthcare Outcomes Performance Company), we have developed a collection of protocols, expertise, and best practices with the goal in mind to standardize the approach to high quality musculoskeletal treatment. The Luna Protocols Library (link to detailed document) assists surgeons, providers, and health systems in optimizing positive outcomes, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring consistent, high-quality care.

Let’s look at how the Luna Protocols Library opens up a path toward unparalleled excellence in patient care.

Benefits of HOPCo Protocols in Collaboration with Luna

HOPCo protocols have earned a well-deserved reputation for being world-class in healthcare. Through the licensing agreement, Luna can market and incorporate all HOPCo protocols into the Luna Protocols Library to better serve their patients. By leveraging this partnership, surgeons and providers can establish a continuum of care through Luna and strive for improved results in patient care.

Here are some ways the Luna Protocols Library leads to better outcomes and exceptional quality of care:

  • Patient-Centered Approach — These protocols cover a wide array of post-operative protocols for orthopedic cases. Patients can be certain that there is an evidenced based protocol to meet their unique post-surgical needs that will optimize recovery.
  • Evidence-Based Medicine — Built on a solid foundation of scientific research and proven best practices, these protocols increase the likelihood of positive outcomes.
  • Standardization — By establishing standardized approaches, these protocols allow for the delivery of high-quality, consistent care across different therapists resulting in superior clinical outcomes.
  • Collaboration and Integration — These protocols foster a culture of teamwork and coordination among healthcare professionals, leading to comprehensive and integrated care. This encourages better communication between different specialists and healthcare providers.
  • Continuum of Care — With an emphasis on providing patients with coordinated services across various healthcare settings, we can facilitate seamless transitions and continuity of care while patients experience a cohesive healthcare journey.
  • Ongoing Evaluation and Improvement — With a strong emphasis on continuous improvement, regular assessments of these protocols provide data-driven insights and feedback. Updates and reviews ensure patients always receive the most current and effective treatments with the highest standards of care.

Enhancing Surgical Approaches with the Luna Protocols Library

Adopting protocols from the Luna Protocols Library helps to establish a proven framework for delivering excellent care. Surgeons have the flexibility to tailor and adapt care pathways to fit their specific practice needs.

Designed for various specialties, the protocols serve as a foundation that can be customized and adjusted to align with different surgical approaches. Tailoring to specific scenarios helps surgeons and their teams deliver better clinical outcomes while ensuring patients are making progress during their post-surgical care. By placing patients at the center of their approach, Luna empowers healthcare professionals to reimagine the physical therapy experience and ultimately drive excellence in healthcare.

Learn more about how Luna is helping leading orthopedic groups and related surgeons with the Luna Protocols Library to enhance adherence, reduce costs, standardize the quality of care, and accelerate time to value.