Patients or Productivity? Luna Prioritizes The Physical Therapy Care Experience

By Luna
Patients or Productivity? Luna Prioritizes The Physical Therapy Care Experience

Physical therapists who work in a clinic see many patients daily, with the average clinic seeing anywhere between 101 and 200 patients each week. Most clinics focus on numbers rather than better patient outcomes and more meaningful time spent on their healing.

The pressures of maintaining productivity by pushing for a higher volume of patients puts major stress on therapists and quickly leads to burnout. Luna is changing how physical therapists work and prioritizes the patient over productivity metrics and the high volume commonly experienced in a clinic.

We talked with one of our long-standing PTs, Dr. Charles Benandi, about how Luna’s at-home outpatient physical therapy transforms the care experience for both the patient and the therapist.


Empowering Patients and Physical Therapists With Flexibility

Luna is helping patients meet their goals and overcome daily challenges while providing physical therapists flexibility and autonomy. By giving more attention to patient care rather than tedious manual charting and documentation, you can to get back to what you love and focus on what matters to your patients.

“The ability to document, chart, and do things relatively quickly and conveniently makes it so that I can focus my attention on what matters most to me, which is interacting with my clients and making them feel empowered to do what they want to do.” — Dr. Charles Benandi

Luna Physical Therapists Unlock Endless Opportunities

Luna fully supports our PTs and allows them to make their own clinical decisions that impact every stage of the patient journey. Dr. Benandi shares that “the ability to practice on your own terms is a freeing experience.”

Luna aims to give PTs fulfilling and aspiring opportunities to grow personally and professionally. Without the restraints of the clinic, you can free up your time to build a better work-life balance, focus on other pursuits, and be your best self for your patients.

“The fact that you can create your own schedule allows you to then manage your schedule to the point where all continuing education opportunities become available to you,” said Dr. Benandi. “You aren’t restricted by where and when you can take something because you ultimately make the decision for yourself.”

At-Home Therapy Leads to More Meaningful Interactions

Patients enjoy the delivery model of Luna because they can interact and perform their exercises using the everyday surroundings of their home. They are more comfortable in their home and feel more motivated to focus entirely on their treatment session, leading to faster recoveries.

Dr. Benandi notes that “when [patients] are able to create a story in their space, it’s more meaningful to their ultimate goal —to get better. When patients interact with their own space, they can get better faster.”

Luna is continuing to push the boundaries of traditional physical therapy, bringing relief to patients and equipping therapists with better support and a more meaningful workflow.

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