PT Resources Roundup: Your Top Reads from 2021

By Luna
PT Resources Roundup: Your Top Reads from 2021

Luna exists to empower the physical therapist community. It is our intention for this blog to serve as a reflection of that commitment. It’s a space for PTs to come together, share knowledge, and get inspired to live their best lives. To all the PTs out there committed to continuous learning—we see you. Thank you for being here. 

Here are all of the most popular blog posts (based on your views) from 2021. 

Luna PT, Justin Kwai, Might be the Highest Paid PT in the Country

In this blog post, we take you behind the scenes with one of the top-earning PTs in the country and share exactly how he’s achieved incredible professional and financial success. Justin shares the importance of following through with every single patient to increase referrals and, ultimately, his annual earnings. 

3 Ways Luna Helps Physical Therapists Reimagine Their Career

Luna is an on-demand physical therapy company that’s reimaging the physical therapy experience for patients and therapists who serve them. How exactly? In this blog post, we show PTs exactly what they can expect when working with Luna: no more manual documentation, a tech-enabled approach to patient care, and total schedule flexibility.

How to Free Yourself From Burnout as a Physical Therapist

Feeling exhausted from 2021? Perhaps 2022 is your year to do something about it. Today’s PTs are drowning in a cocktail of chronic stress in an industry that has yet to evolve to meet their needs. In this blog post, we explore PT burnout and what PTs can do to rediscover their passion. 

10 Industry Firsts Brought to You By Luna

Did you know that Luna is the first physical therapy service to eliminate paperwork for PTs? And the first company to deliver on-demand outpatient PT care nationally? There are so many ways that Luna is innovating in the physical therapy industry, and our PTs are reaping all the benefits.  

The Benefits of Being an Independent Contractor

Did you know that the independent workforce is growing over five times faster than traditional employment? In this blog post, PTs can learn some of the incredible benefits of becoming an independent contractor and how Luna can help them move towards freedom and independence. 

Just for Luna Therapists: Introducing Luna's Digital Toolbox

Luna gives therapists the autonomy, flexibility, and tools they need for their practice to thrive. Things like exclusive Concierge support and Auto-Charting give our PTs the gift of time and are changing what it means to be a physical therapist. In 2021, we added another game-changer to our list of innovations: the Digital Toolbox. 

Physical Therapist Resources: Best Luna Blogs of 2020

If ever there was a year that PTs needed extra support, it was 2020. Thankfully, the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t stop Luna from serving our therapists, patients, and physicians with excellence. Here’s a roundup of our top resources from 2020 that helped our readers stay connected and inspired from afar. 

Physical Therapy Books - Five Must-Reads Worth the Investment

If you’re a passionate PT, you know that learning in this profession never ends. In this blog post, we share some of the top-rated physical therapy-related books that can help PTs provide better care for patients. 

This Physical Therapist Wants You to Reimagine Your Career

At Luna, we love shining the spotlight on the amazing people who choose to work with us. In this blog post, we hear from DPT and Luna recruiter Ashley to hear what she wishes all physical therapists knew about working with Luna. 

Your feedback shapes everything we do at Luna. Have a resource or piece of content that you’d like to see on the Luna blog in 2022? Please share your thoughts with us!