You Read, We Listened: Popular Patient Posts of 2021

By Luna
You Read, We Listened: Popular Patient Posts of 2021

2021 was a year of growth here at Luna. Our innovative outpatient physical therapy model is spreading across the country faster than we could have expected—proof that people are ready for a better way to give and receive exceptional PT care. 

Thank you to all of the people reading this blog and following along on Luna’s journey. It’s our honor to serve you. In honor of a great year, here are the blog posts you read the most in 2021. 

Luna Announces Major Health System Collaborations in San Diego and Atlanta

Luna’s on a mission to bring on-demand, outpatient physical therapy services to all, and partnerships play a major part in reaching those goals. In 2021, we announced partnerships with two major health systems: Atlanta’s Emory Healthcare and San Diego’s Scripps Health. In this blog post, we dive into each collaboration and how they’re helping more patients find relief. 

Luna Earns "World-Class" NPS Rating in Patient Satisfaction Survey

Patient feedback means the world to us. This year, we were thrilled to receive a “world-class” Net Promoter Score, proving that Luna patients are delighted with our services and willing to recommend us to friends and family. Thank you for your feedback and support!

Luna's Top-Notch Technology Delivers Superior Results

Care drives everything we do at Luna. Our award-winning, innovative technology is helping us make on-demand physical therapy more accessible and more useful than ever. This blog post breaks down three key components of Luna’s transformative technology, including Luna Exercises, Physician Dashboard, and Powered by Luna

Luna is now available in Jacksonville, Orlando, San Antonio, Washington D.C., Portland, Milwaukee, and St. Louis!

2021 was a time of growth at Luna. Thanks to your interest in Luna’s on-demand physical therapy services in Arizona, California, Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington State, we were able to expand our footprint into Jacksonville, Orlando, San Antonio, Washington D.C., Portland, Milwaukee, and St. Louis. 

Thanks to Luna, Rehab is Changing For Good

Rehabilitation is crucial for patients looking to recover from surgery and get back to the life they love. Unfortunately, today’s traditional outpatient physical therapy model is failing to give people the kind of rehabilitative care they need. In this blog post, Dr. Alexander Sah shares how at-home outpatient physical therapy can help. 

How Luna Protocols is Standardizing Post-Surgical Care

Luna is committed to transforming the post-surgical care experience for patients and practitioners. In this blog post, we break down Luna Protocols and how it’s helping rehab patients get the quality of care they deserve. Thanks for your curiosity about Luna’s tech-enabled approach to rehabilitation. 

Does Insurance Cover My Physical Therapy? Now You Can Find Out Instantly!

If you’ve made the decision to pursue physical therapy, the last thing that should stop you is confusion over health insurance coverage. In this blog post, we cover the question we hear most often from potential patients, “How do I know if my insurance covers physical therapy?” Short answer: use our free online tool to find out. 

The Secret Behind the Winning Record of F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton

Seven-time Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton has many people in his corner supporting his success. But the one member of his team he can’t live without? Physiotherapist Angela Cullen. Learn more about why their work together on and off the track is an integral part of Hamilton’s success. 

Luna is Now Available in Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, New York, and Virginia!

In this blog post, we were thrilled to announce Luna’s expansion into new regions across the country, including South Florida, Tampa, New York City, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Delaware, Richmond, and Arlington / Alexandria. Do you live in these areas? Learn more about Luna’s on-demand PT services

20 Statistics About Lower Back Pain You Should Know

Did you know that 100 million Americans are currently living with chronic back pain? Or physical therapy is as effective as surgery for treating certain types of low back pain? There’s a lot of information out there about back pain, so in this blog post, we rounded up all of the top stats for you. 

Physical Therapy Helps Joe Burrow Return to Football in 2021

After a devastating knee injury, Joe Burrow of the Cincinnati Bengals began his recovery journey from a torn ACL and reconstructive knee surgery. In this blog post, we explore this common knee injury and why physical therapy is so critical for recovery. Good news: Joe is back in the game!

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